Become a Volunteer

Interested in volunteering?

There’s no other Radio Station quite like a Print Radio Tasmania. Perhaps that’s your reason for asking about volunteering with us. We appreciate your interest!

We need the help of many volunteers to read, present, record and prepare the programs we put to air.

A wide range of talents are needed. Some are technical. Others simply require a good reading voice.

Why not give the station a call on 6224 1864 and speak to the Volunteers Coordinator?

Or write to us at and arrange a visit?

Examples of volunteer positions at start with

  • readers
  • preparation of material for broadcast
  • presenters
  • producers
  • technical

We can organise a time for you to visit the station and find out how you may help us. Please be aware, however, at times, that there may be no vacancies for volunteers.

Volunteers at Print Radio Tasmania are valued as if they were paid workers at the station. We also expect volunteers to act as though they were paid for their efforts.

In other words:

  • Arrive on time for any appointments, studio bookings, etc.
  • Advise us if unable to attend when expected.
  • Let us know if something ‘is not right’
  • Sign in and observe Notice Boards while at the Station.

We have a volunteer’s room, with tea/coffee facilities and microwave oven, which you are welcome to use, while you are at the Station.

You can also see the Volunteers' Right and Responsibilities and apply below.

If you would like further information contact the station manager.