Volunteers' Rights and Responsibilities

As a Volunteer you have the right:

  • a comprehensive induction to RPH Print Radio;
  • undertake a role that suits your skills, experience, qualifications and aspirations;
  • work in a safe, healthy environment;
  • know to whom you are accountable and how to contact them;
  • be provided with adequate training, guidance and supervision;
  • to be covered by the station's accident insurance while carrying out your duties;
  • privacy and confidentiality;
  • request feedback on your performance;
  • have any concerns and complaints heard;
  • say 'no' if you don't feel qualified to carry out a task or if the task is against your wishes;
  • be respected by all staff and volunteers; and
  • take time off.

As a Volunteer you have the responsibility to:

  • ensure that you have the time needed to take on a voluntary role;
  • work within the policies and guidelines of the station as communicated from time to time;
  • strive for continuous improvement and meet the standards of RPH Print Radio Tasmania;
  • treat all staff, volunteers and other stakeholders with respect and consideration; be reliable and dependable;
  • arrive at the station at least fifteen minutes prior to the starting time of your on air shift or recording session;
  • remain at the station until the end of your shift, recording or other assigned task;
  • give as much notice as possible if you need to cancel a station commitment;
  • represent the station positively in the broader community and promote its services; and
  • follow the directions given by station management and those volunteers who have supervisory roles.

RPH Print Radio Tasmania has a strong commitment to Equal opportunity and believes that everyone is entitled to be treated equally regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, creed and education.

PRH Print Radio Tasmania has a full set of policies and guidelines available either at the office upon request, or downloadable from the website, www.printradiotas.org.au. It is expected that all staff and volunteers will abide by the provisions of these policies.